samedi 20 juin 2015

Conférence samedi 27 juin 2015

M. MORINO Yūsuke (Osaka University)

The Relation of Doxa and Self in the Philosophy of Kitarô Nishida

Samedi 27 juin 2015, 14h30-16h
La salle 3.15

I.N.A.L.C.O. - Pôle des Langues et Civilisations 65, rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris Métro 14 et RER C : Bibliothèque François Mitterrand Sortie : rue des Grands Moulins. 

Résumé : 

This presentation is going to deal with the philosophy of Kitarô Nishida (1870-1945), who is known as the first Japanese “philosopher.” Especially, I want to focus on his theory about “Self.” 

Some studies about Nishida have emphasized “Non-self” on his writings. In their readings, Nishida insists that our Self, which is expressed by a subjective word are some sort of an illusion. The only real existence is the moving direct experience and “Self” as the subjective word is a result of a negative abstraction from the living experience. Of course, this thesis of Nishida is an important issue. However when we think about Nishida’s later philosophy, the more important point is below; “Self” is also an illusion in Nishida’s later thought, however it is an indispensable illusion. Simply, we must say “I” whether it is an illusion or not. This view relates to “doxa” or “contradiction” on his later thought. Nishida constructs his middle and later philosophy with this “contradiction” between the moving informal experience (in his word, the true Self) and static subjective “I.”